Fumba Beach Lodge Sunset

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A place for travel junkies, & those who are constantly seeking out new places & experiences around the world. We love sharing travel stories, photos, inspiration & advice from our own experiences. Helping travel fanatics of all ages to explore the planet in comfort and style. And, most importantly, to have fun doing it. So, in the words of Oscar Wilde: “Live life with no excuses, travel with no regret”.

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Deadvlei Petrified Trees

Sossusvlei Road Trip

Sossusvlei Road Trip If there’s one place in Namibia that I keep going back to this is it. Sossusvlei has had a special place in my heart, ever since I first read about it in the ’80s and...

Kolmanskop MIne Mangers House

Southern Namibia & Kolmanskop

Southern Namibia and Kolmanskop Namibia is a big country, very big, far bigger than you might imagine, and it has just so much variety, interesting places and even more interesting people. Taking a...

Kichanga Lodge

Zanzibar Island Beach Holiday

Spice Islands of Zanzibar Beach Holiday The first thing that hits you when emerging from the aircraft door after landing at Abeid Amani Karume International Airport on the outskirts of Zanzibar City...

Shanghai’s Nanjing Road West

China For Baby Boomers

China For Baby Boomers To be quite honest, visiting China had never crossed my mind until I spent some time chatting to my globe-trotting cousin, Liz Linsell, an avid China fan and solo traveller who...

On Board Aircraft

Don’t Get Robbed at 39,000 Feet

How to Avoid Getting Robbed at 39,000 Feet Imagine the sinking feeling when you land after a long overnight flight and find that your cash, jewellery, credit cards, iPad, passport even, are missing...

Africamps At Oakhurst Wilderness

Joining The Glamping Lifestyle

Glamping The Garden Route If you haven’t heard the word “glamping” yet, be prepared to hear it a lot more often in the future, because it’s the latest thing when it comes to camping and outdoor...

Fish River Canyon Sunset

Are You A Travel Junkie?

Good question that! Years ago, when I was living in a squat in the East End of London (we got away with stuff like that back in the 70’s), we had a friend, and while he was reasonably well travelled...

Kuredu Beach Maldives

Kuredu Island Maldives

This post might be somewhat short on words, but I hope that the photos will do most of the talking, and that’s because Kuredu Island in the Maldives archipelago is just so darned photogenic...


The Kangela Travel Story

Kangela (also Khangela)
Meaning: to search / look for / to seek
Used widely in Southern and East Africa.

The Kangela Travel Blog is aimed primarily at a slightly more mature travel fanatic. Folks who are financially secure, have the time and financial means to travel and are looking to experience the world in style and comfort. So you won't find much here on backpacker establishments and the like, but rather a more upmarket range of experiences, establishments and travel experiences.

With that being said, we hope that travellers of all ages will find value or something of interest.

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